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ONE TIME OFFER: One of the greatest ways to build on social media is with CONTENT. And right now, you can access my Digital Apps and Tools course that shows you exactly what I use to create graphics and amazing photos online. This training is BRAND NEW and will help you find more customers online without hiring a graphic designer. For beginners to advanced. Get immediate access for $27. Check the box above to add this to your order.

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Here’s a fraction of what you’ll learn…
  • 5 key areas to focus on on Facebook (so you can spark in-depth conversations and grow closer with your audience) (page 12)
  • How to set up (or rework) your business page (and everything you should post before you drive traffic to it) (page 17)
  • How to create a group with high engagement (including specific examples for writing a clear and inviting description) (page 18)
  • 5 ways to create engagement and influence customer habits inside your group (page 21)
  • Why a “Join My Team!” post WON’T generate new clients (and what action WILL when done 3-10 times per day) (page 29)
  • 20 direct message conversation starters that build likeability (instead of driving people away) (page 32)
  • How to create a giant, organized lead list that squeezes maximum potential out of every prospect (page 33)
  • A simple way to create an additional stream of income from your phone/laptop - AND find new leads in the process (page 38)
  • Your go-to checklist for successful Facebook Lives (+ scripts for opening and closing lines) (page 42)
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